Spanish Teacher

Elizabeth Haag is born and grown up in Mexico City where she also studied literature, theatre and dramaturgy (phil. I), whereat one topic was theatre and pedagogy . 

Since 2002 she is living in Switzerland and since 2004 she worked for more than 10 years in different schools in the cantone of Zurich and gave Spanisch classes, where she taught all the possible different levels from the beginner to the advanced (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)She also prepared the Spanish students for the DELE exam if desired.

"Las lenguas abren puertas." – Languages open doors.

Her likable, easy and open character awakes the interest of the studying persons to the spanish language and ibero-american culture. She understands to provide interesting and lively lessons with as well cultural subjects, which motivates the learning persons a lot.

As acting director and actress she exactly knows how to put her Spanish students in different situations in life. They are talking dialogues of different situations in normal life and doing this, they learn the language by doing and playing.

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Lernen Sie spielerisch eine neue Sprache, eine Weltsprache. Machen Sie einen Spanischkurs. Spanisch wird nach Mandarin-Chinesisch am zweit meisten als Muttersprache gesprochen. Spanisch ist nach Englisch die am zweit meisten erlernte Fremdsprache. 

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